Budget Worthy Wood Flooring

http://alpineguide.cz/cs--kontaktOranĹžovÄ‚Ë Budget driven projects don’t have to be “cheap Charlie” any longer. At Historic Floors we’ve worked hard to select some pretty great floors for both commercial and residential options that use “live-sawn” wood. These floors have many of the same features and benefits of solid

What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

When Historic Floor Company started up in 2001, the phrase "engineered hardwood flooring" stood for something cheap to mimic the real thing-- solid hardwood flooring. Knock-offs meant products that looked like real wood floors but, were fake to the core. The laminate hardwood

The History of Square Nails in America

(Information below obtained through the research of Eric Sloan library and the Parker Mills Nail Company c. 1918)   Hand made, square nails made from iron date back to 3000 B.C. according to archeological digs. It is well known from research that the Romans hand-forged nails which